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  1. I think it has been clarified a million times by now that there are 9 days left. 8 by now .
  2. I already "cracked the code" on page 4 xD
  3. They are still 10 :b. And they are numbers. My guess on the picture is Lego Batman xD
  4. Remember people, this guy things the team would update an old outdated pack instead of the new current one. Best to ignore him due to excessive STUPID.

  5. Well if u think about it, the skill trees in Skyrim , had constellations too. And there was strange herogliphs marked on dungeon walls... (the dragon language). So i guess if we persume that these constellations represent a warrior a mage and a rogue, and those symbols are characters of another race's language (like elven idk), then this release is going to be one of the most freaking awesome rpg sandbox expiriences ever released on earth X)
  6. WoW , u guys are right ! This drives the speculations about the new release to a whole different level ! But it certainly looks like a space theme release. So i cant even imagine what it would be about. It's certainly interesting reagarding all the facts we know so far.
  7. Everyone is playing Lite u know. Noone really wants to play tekkit without IC. Everybody just try the new pack to see what it's all about, and then they continue playing to their old good Lite server. You can go fly ur little rocket while i'm adding a new flower station to my hv solar array cluster . My reactors look good too. My ae net is constantly feeding them uranium and coolants lol.
  8. Last time it got updated was like a month ago... xD I guess u dont even know how to make a batbox lol. EDIT: My bad... its last update was 2 months ago. You were right... IT'S OLD. HOW COULD I BE SO IGNORANT. SORRY DUDE XD
  9. Lite is not old. Your brain cells on the other hand... "ancient" history XD
  10. Kudos for the research ! Let's hope its galacticraft for lite, although i doupt it . It's certainly something with a space theme. Maybe a Tekkit update or something like alien life forms as others suggested.
  11. I guess they are going to release a new mod for an existing modpack, and those symbols are going to have a significance in the gameplay. If it is for an entirly new modpack, i would personaly be somewhat disapointed, since i mainly play Lite, and i prefer playing only one modpack and one server rather than many modpacks and many servers . I would really love it if it was Galacticraft for Lite. EDIT: Also, are those constellations in the background important? Idk
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