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  2. ...Do you notice weird things with graphics? Things like textures not displaying right, multiple textures used for one surface, etc.
  3. Sums it up in the post above, but I'll explain why: 1) Technic Modpacks are all individually designed to work with one another. Optifine is not included with the modpack, so it's not compatible. 2) Optifine doesn't work well with textures that aren't vanilla, so mod textures are often left screwed up.
  4. Holy crap long error log! You aren't really supposed to edit such files without an external program designed to do so.
  5. No no, it still is utterly useless, because it took 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pages of unrelated content for me to find the answer myself.
  6. Finally, some time without unrelated content! Thanks for the help all of you! I'm glad that this forum has been able to serve me so well!
  7. Thanks! You're the first one to post something positive (or at least something that's not entirely negative)! For this feat, you get a point. Bxsk: 5 or 6, I lost count nedned2k: 1 for being a good person.
  8. I won the argument, so I get bragging rights.
  9. Fill me in on what Whale Boxed means, I'm not familiar with your absurd terminology.
  10. And you're STILL GOING ON AND ON AND ON!
  11. Seeing as they banned me last time for absolutely no reason other than I asked them to.
  12. Liar! Admins wouldn't have let this go unnoticed.
  13. Oh you sad soul. 1) I did not, nor will I ever, evade a valid ban for any reason. 2) You're complaining about double posts? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 3) goo goo ga ga hee hee ha ha Like I said, it's not racist, it's stereotypical. Get it right. 4) Not a valid rule
  14. Holy crap it's been 1 minute and no one has posted unrelated content! NEW RECORD! Edit: You ruined it.
  15. 9(!!!) pages of unrelated content! ...no words...
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