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  1. Hi, I don't think we've met yet.

  2. Doesn't really matter. He's already biased against me, so I highly doubt that anything I try won't work.
  3. Thanks Thanks for playing! But you voided yourself already. Try again next time! Really? Don't think so!
  4. He just said there wasn't a way out.
  5. You ruined this account on the Technic Forums. Don't act like that either, you sound quite like that other guy that started this whole fiasco. You've ruined me on the grounds that I now have to create yet another account, which would be my 4th one so far, just so that I can get a straight answer from anybody.
  6. Excuse this intermittent double post, but it is you who is the moron, for you felt that it was necessary to go and write that out just to try and insult me. Try harder, it isn't working.
  7. Gee, thanks. This has been eye opening for me. Actually, how about no? This is a bunch of bullshit. You shouldn't be able to keep me from being able to correct anything I did wrong!
  8. So instead of letting me right my wrongs you just ruin me? That sounds reasonable.
  9. It doesn't bother me at all, actually, what bothers me is that it was deliberately put there so that I would not be taken seriously. And who's to say that it will not expire?
  10. Can I really be taken seriously with this retarded picture?
  11. I've been in plenty of forums where I've been called out at any chance possible for using a Mac, so yeah, I have no tolerance for it here. Here's how it works: You can either give me concerned criticism, to which I will consider your thoughts, or you can rudely call me out on something, to which I will give you the same.
  12. Sorry if I don't take being banned twice in a row like a funny joke. I'm not entertaining anyone. If your laughing, your laughing at yourself, not me.
  13. I'd love to make everyone's posts important, but seeing as how quickly they take the side against me, I'm afraid they haven't shown enough evidence that their opinion deserves that kind of attention from me.
  14. Because post 5 is the most important, aside from the OP.
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