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  1. Hello ;-) I have a little question about what this beautiful map Herobrine's return: How to NPCs with a nickname? And how to change the loot monsters? (No mod and more!) Thank you in advance :geek:
  2. When you just bought minecraft and decided to play. What did you do first? And tell us your story. I started looking for a place to hide in the night. When it was night I had a furnace, 2 chests, door, crafting bench and other stuff. I went mob hunting but when I returned home a creeper killed me (my first mob that killed me). Then days later I went to near hill and set home there. I built a farm and then went mining and got obsidian, went to the nether, discovered a fortress and built a wizard tower. Then I just started hunting, mining, etc... Unfortanly I downloaded a mod that for some reason deleted my map. I even looked in the saves folder but it wasnt there (I know it was the mod since with the mod I wanted to enter the save but it didnt let me and when I uninstalled it, it wasnt there anymore ). So that was the end of my first adventure. So what is your story?
  3. Howady, Actually, am thinking of this post since a pretty long period to investigate some issues with Minecraft Servers Providers!! Once, I have read some reviews about those who claim that Gaming has became something beyond description. Still, am totally OK with that, but many has some objections concerning that. A lot of people claim that the ammount to be paid is a little bit exhausting for the family's budget. So that, many DO wish to have a public server; may be with a limit of tries, but with all the Mods & Texture packs, which seem a hard target to be maintained !!
  4. How would be your answer if we make this scale of Satisfaction: "How do you rate Minecraft as a game?" 1_Very satisfied 2_Somewhat satisfied 3_Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 4_Somewhat dissatisfied 5_Very dissatisfied
  5. Hey i don't know if I am in the appropriate corner, but I will make my post to get your support. Actually, I was looking for the newest updates concerning Minecraft game.. Till now, am looking for the latest ones but I really don't know where should I look in! Any help
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