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  1. there is still a bug on the big dig server. it keeps resetting peoples items and position every time you log in and out. you can duplicate items just by logging in and out

  2. pax there is a mssive bug that I found. not sure if its just for me but when ever I log in and then log out my stuff gets reset and I can basically dupe my stuff. im destroying my stuff ehrn I spawn. but others might be duplicating there stuff.

  3. i got banned from bigdig please unban me i dont know what i did. i will fix what ever i did

  4. The server has migrated to a new host to accommodate the increased server traffic. The new IP is: Join us there!
  5. Vis Pacem Parabellum We are a new Big Dig server, run professionally 24/7. We currently offer 100 slots. We offer all 94 mods in the Big Dig pack, as well as a few server-side mods to help make things run smoother (BukkitForge). We play for the love of the game- we all start from scratch and build up to our nuclear-powered workshops. We would love for you to play with us! IP Address: We are an OPEN server, open to public. We run on donations, and hope that if you love what we bring, you show your appreciation. All funds donated will help us to upgrade and expand our server (Big Dig uses a ridiculous amount of RAM to run smoothly). Server Rules: No Griefing No Idiocy (This includes, but is not limited to: racism, ridiculous profanity, bigotry, internet arguments about politics, religion, or race, intentionally causing other players trouble, spamming, or advertising other servers) Spawning Items (No, we will NOT spawn anything for you- play legit, or dont play at all) Begging to be made a Mod, or for rank (Seriously. If we like you, you'll rank up- play nice and be friendly, you'll do fine. If you beg, its not happening.) Absolutely 24/7 Uptime, less any unforeseen issues Visit our website at We have several Staff positions available for those that can be trusted with the responsibility- see Pax in game for information.