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  1. Alright friends, I know it is possible to set up multiple servers and get them connected with Qcraft portals. The question is how is this done when one is hosting through a service like FragNet? I do have FTP access and such, but have not figured out how to set up multiple worlds or servers on a hosted service, let alone set them up with portals to eachother. If anyone can point me in the right direction then I would be very grateful. Or in other words, how can I set up an existing hosted Tekkit 1.2.6 server with portals to new maps with the newest (Minecraft 1.6.4) content? All right wizards, work your magic and explain it to the simple minded...
  2. I am having a very similar issue on my very similar server. I have 12gb allocated to my tekkit server, and I have no trouble when I play on the same machine as the server (could this be a cause? should I try to use my laptop to play when others are on also?). There are only about 3-6 of us on max at any given time and if myself and another are on alone there is no problem, it is only when a third joins that there begin to be issues (not for my end but for theirs, the 'one sided' lag situation). I have not tried disabling any mods yet, I am running the standard Tekkit Lite lineup with just a server side Optifine 1.4.7 manually added. Anyway I suppose I am just adding a 'Bump' here so someone can help efstajas with his issue, because any response will likely be helpful to me as well.