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  1. IP: A new frontier! Come and join our Tekkit server today. Raiding, PvP, Factions, LWC e.t.c. We used to have a popular tekkit classic server which died off just before tekkit lite. We have been making modpacks and servers for them ever since and had great success. When we heard about the new Tekkit we were right on the case. We have a friendly community on our website [ www.wookieservers.enjin.com ] who are also active and are always there to help. Unfortunately we have some banned items to save spawn and make sure the server is balanced and fun Banned items: Plasma Cannon Module for the Power Gauntlet Active Camouflage module for the Power Armor Rift blade Soon we will probably be setting up an event world where you can PvP and enjoy your self without the fear of losing your hard earned items. Server Rules: No racism Do not use abusive language towards staff or normal players Do not scam items off other players No using hacks to gain advantage Do not complain if you get raided or killed by another player Do not ask for items or ranks We will add some pictures of the server when we have further developed it!
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