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  1. Already tried to set everything there to NONE, so none can use it.. Nothing works :/
  2. There is a problem i have on my server. Default people with no permissions at all can use the NEI feature in Tekkit. I have set up a PEX and got screenshot for proof: groups: default: default: true build: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - essentials.sethome.multiple.3 - essentials.delhome - essentials.spawn - essentials.msg - essentials.mail - essentials.mail.send - essentials.helpop - essentials.afk - essentials.balance Vip: default: false permissions: - essentials.back - essentials.ignore - essentials.nick - essentials.nick.
  3. if thats true. then you know wich mcp to use. dont try to add xray to tekkit...
  4. Well. recommeneded build and develope build works on that server somehow.. and i know that the chunk loaders is in the right place.. Do we need op or permission for it to work?
  5. Well. Did a research before posting, didnt find any answers, so here is the story: I got a quarry running, hooked up to a chest, filter and condenser. also got some oil pumps. I sat up some chunk loading blocks around 500 blocks from my base, i sat my oil pump there. But if i go back to my base its not pumping oil. Only if i (me as person) stand in that chunk is sends oil trough the teleport pipes. Even if i am offline the quarry is stopping.. Anyone got any suggestion on how i fix the stupid chunk loading blocks? recommended and dev build on server.
  6. get the same with MK3 collector.. recommended build and dev
  7. I was making some Empty Cells with some Tin i had. I have 47 tin, i go in the Workbench II and makes some Empty Cells. I can make some, and when i only have 3 tin left i exit the workbench II but updates back to 47. So i got infinite tin?
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