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  1. Okay well I just saw the griefer and I caught him using a Body Stone. I hope this helps everyone!
  2. I'm running Tekkit Classic and do I have to use 1.2.5 Plugins because they really have a lot of bugs
  3. Here is a current list of banned items: Abyss Helmet Anchor Cart Automatic Crafting Table Automatic Crafting Table MkII Black Hole Band Cannon Catalytic Lens Dark Matter Hammer Dark Matter Pedestal Destruction Catalyst Diamond Bore Head Diamond Hammer Dimensional Anchor Divining Rod III Evertide Amulet Feed Station Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade Forcefield Zapper Upgrade Frame Motor Golden Hammer Harvest Goddess Band Howler Alarm Igniter Industrial Alarm Infernal Armor Iron Bore Head Iron Hammer Mercurial Eye Nova Cataclysm Nova Catalyst Nuke Philosopher's Stone Red Matter Furnace Red Matter Hammer Red Matter Katar Red Matter Morning Star Ring of Arcana Ring of Ignition Steel Bore Head Stone Hammer Tank Cart Tesla Coil Tunnel Bore Turtle Void Ring Volcanite Amulet Watch of Flowing Time Wooden Hammer Work Cart World Anchor
  4. Hello, I have this griefer on my server that comes on and uses a tools to destroy everything I'm not sure what He/She uses, this is really weird because they start with nothing and they did it. Also they griefed my PlotWorld and that protected. I am using SafeZone (Factions) to claim the land in the normal world. Is there a Item or a Plugin that is interacting with the Player that they can override SafeZone and PlotWorld's protection? If there is please can you help me this has happened twice. I also noticed that the New Player was flying and Bubbles where flying everywhere from Him/Her and Destroying everything I have attached a Screen shot of the greifed parts. http://imgur.com/EkTO5kR http://imgur.com/f2FOfP2 http://imgur.com/SuZS12Y Thank you EnderZaMan
  5. Will this work for Latest plugins or for Plugin versions only 1.2.5
  6. Username:mikevieira Age:16 Why Tekkitopia? Because i'm trying to find a Tekkit server that dosn't have meany banned items Your secret code:10mik
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