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  1. Good idea, he can use also a Sonic Screwdriver from RedPower :P
  2. No, it won't work. I've tried to use it and nothing happens.
  3. If you created the portal with the Rift Blade, try to push a mob into it. They should both disappear. Tell me if it worked :)
  4. That's the problem! I have put a dimensional anchor, but mobs spawn only in a 20 blocks radius around you!
  5. Hi! I have started a Survival (I play in Hard difficult) Tekkit Lite world some time ago and I'd like to show it to you. My house is surrounded by a tunnel of stone bricks where I keep my secret pipes to automate some tasks. For example I have a full automated Ore Processor which pulverizes ores and smelts dusts also when I'm mining because it's connected to my Ender Pouch. I also have a dungeon mob farm that sends to my home some rotten flesh and mob essence, but to spawn the zombies I must be near the dungeon... Maybe someone could help me to avoid this issue. I have a quarry mining a lot of cobblestone to recycle into scrap and then craft into scrapboxes. Furthermore I have a pump in the Nether giving energy to my MFE via a Geothermal Generator. I have also put some redstone circuit to control the Quarry, the Pump and some other things. Now some images! My liquid storage! (Sewage, Mob Essence, Water and Lava) Some useful machines at the center of the house! From left to right: MFE, Generator, Geothermal Generator, Igneous Extruder, some chests, two Autocrafting Tables (I use them as "project tables" because they keep the items even when you close the GUI) and an Ender Chest to process ores. Some useful blocks. Now that I've said all I had to say, I'd like you to download the map and/or say what I could improve in my world. If you are interested in something I made but you don't know how it works or you don't know how to do it, I am available to explain it to you My world won't finish here, I must improve it with some new things like: - Make some Nuclear Power - Make some Automated Farm Here's the download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/01wr0uzgr7dmgzo/d0m0Y9iSMW (If you have found some grammar mistakes tell me. I'm Italian so I can't write perfectly)