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  1. i noticed some players have been joining while i was afk, i appolegize for not replying!
  2. Admins and co owner will be needed when we grow, will also be doing a youtube series on this server. Would be happy if you'd help out
  3. Adress: Expected uptime: 24/7 Starting with 20 players max with the ability to increase it depending on requests. Let us start a new fresh and awesome community which welcomes anyone! Work under progress: Plugins, shops, and staff Hope too see you ingame, sincerely, Danniboah
  4. There will be a shutdown tomorrow to update the server, this might last a while. In this update i will Upload some videos about the server, add some plugins and make us a shop.
  5. Forget it volitionEos, bananen303 knows nothing about servers, he even came into my server spamming the same questions over and over again before he got banned. The questions were, Do yo u have hamachi!? How do i host a server like this? over...and over again
  6. Im so sorry for the problems that appeared on the server lately, i couldn't figure it out and therefore had to reroll back a while. The problem was that half the world wouldn't load and people spawning in that part of the world would cause the server to crash. I hope youre ok with it, and i'll do my best not to fall in the same pit twice! Hope to see you back ingame! :3
  7. You spawned 64 nukes. I take no chances. Everybody will be pardoned once the server is back on track.
  8. Sorry! The server will be down for a day as the result of all the nuking that appeared on the server earlier today. The next update will contain a total removement/bann of explosives, cannon and anything that might cause a danger for your hard earned safezone! I am so sorry this had to happen. Hope you will return when i turn it back on. - Danniboah THE SERVER IS NOW BACK, ALL BANNED PLAYERS ARE NOW PARDONED AND THE PROBLEM IS NOW SOLVED.
  9. Server IP: We now have a website: http://mysticalcrafts.enjin.com/ (Donations are possible and every cent will be used on the good of the server.) Server rules: Use your common sense No Mods removed. Items removed/disabled: Nuke, explosives,mining laser and cannon Major Plugins: GriefPrevention, Essentials. I just want to grow a little community, and have fun. We will work together! Expected uptime: 24/5.... Might need some days to update it, since its pretty new, but you will be informed. Community: I wish for a great, helping community. At my last server i manage to create a good community by interacting and helping them. As long as we all do that, everything is gonna be alright! I hope to see you there! And hey, remember the common sense aight? Also, the server capacity might change with time! HUGE CHANGE: Due to some complaints, the max capacity is now set down to 15 players
  10. HeY I saw that you tried to join, it told me that you were missing some mods, my server is the latest one :/
  11. Hey, if you want to play on this server, join the following ip adress in tekkit lite: Hope to see you there!
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