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  1. i'm looking for a modpack that has at least these mods (i have found the big dig but i cannot make a server for it it fucks up big time) - you know each modpack has to list its mods so why is there not a way of searching modpacks by what mods they have? - unless you can in that how do i do that? magical crops galacticraft applied energistics (the first one) minefactory reloaded tinkers construct buildcraft and would like but really not required: equivalent exchange
  2. where would I find texture packs for tekkit?
  3. problem sort of solved! if you turn the graphics from fancy to fast it works now all I need to do is figure out how to make it work with fancy graphics
  4. I have tried SEUS v10 (all the versions) as well as that one that's compatible with 1.6.2 (v8 or v7 I think) all either give really weird colours or the aforementioned black/white screens hang on.... if I can get back to the white screen I wonder if lowering the brightness might fix things
  5. I have recently been messing with the shader mod in 1.7.5 (I have not played minecraft in almost a year I saw a thing about shaders and I was like so I updated minecraft (and then unpatched it back to 1.7.5) and installed the ultra shaders and had fun with that) now I want to actually have a bit of fun in minecraft and the only real way to do that I find is tekkit but I cannot figure out how to install the shaders propperly I downloaded the 1.6.4 version of the shader mod and put it In the mods folder (all the other steps that I am told to go through I cannot go through due to the fact t
  6. that... is kind of anoying :/ and no one appears to have been kind enough to keep old versions of the tekkit server for people who want them (after alot of searching on google i found nothing) thanks for your replys tho
  7. it would also be useful if there was a page with all the old versions of tekkit/technic pack :/ (going from the fact there are no links or anything to do with past versions on the pages to do with the two things currently clicking ALL the links)
  8. because i use technic pack 3.1.1 and that has the airship mod in it <.< (and theres a single player world i would like to use but it breaks with the newer tekkit server) thats minecraft 1.7.3 and i am hosting it for just me and a few friends who want to be able to troll creapers from the skys!
  9. i use minecraft beta 1.7.3 so i can use technic pack 3.1.1 (yogs cast told me that to use use technic pack i needed to use mcnostalgia to backdate to 1.7.3 then install technicpack they failed to tell me that technic pack had been updated <.<) is there any way of using all the same mods etc on a multi player server? (is there a tekkit for 1.7.3 for example?) i am putting this thread here because i dont know where to put it >.<
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