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  1. No, before i didn't but now i did and it works, thanks.
  2. Just go troll somewhere else.
  3. Hello When i play big dig singleplayer, after about 5 minutes I'm starting to have small lags which are getting bigger and bigger and are happening more frequently and then the game crashes - no crash report, nothing. It sometimes also happens earlier when i try to search something in NEI. I don't have any large system working there, only basic machines like macerator, generator, quarry...(i'm using high amount of pipes added by AdditionalPipes) I was messing around with allocated memory and it never helped (5GB,6GB,7GB,8GB,9GB...) I am using Sphax texture pack x256 + big dig addon x128 My system specs: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533) Language: Czech (Regional Setting: Czech) System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard System Model: HP Elite 7300 Series MT BIOS: Ver: CHG_7 7.rom vCHG7.07 Processor: IntelĀ® Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16364MB RAM Page File: 3637MB used, 29089MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 11 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode When i run big dig it uses about 20% of processor, but then it starts growing and when big dig is about to crash it uses about 80% which is insane considering to which proccesor i'm using. Although memory usage stays about the same during whole process. I also have added some mods to big dig if it might be the problem: Coremod - denLib-2.1.4 Mods - AssemblyLine_v0.2.4.62 AdditionalPipes2.1.3u42-BC3.4.2-MC1.4.7 mod_AdvancedSolarPanels_3_3_4 mod_zGraviSuite_1_8 Thaumcraft3.0.3 thaumicbees-1.4.4a orForestry2-MC1.4.7-Complete-Build30 Balkon's weapon mods ElectricExpansion_v1.3.9 ICBM_v1.0.3.129 PortalGun1.4.7v5 NetherOres-2.0.6-32 StevesCarts2.0.0.a62 I'm using Java Version 7 Update 21 (build 1.7.0_21-b11) and I don't have more versions installed.