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  1. Hey guys, Today the hexxit modpack has been released ... But there might be some things that might be important. So post your stuff here. (Example : The modpack loads Veryyyyy slow)
  2. Got this problem also, but you know it happens with new modpacks. I tried to restart pack, delete minecraft. but still, its aint working. First time : stuck on mojang screen. 2th time (After reseting pack) : Stuck on mojang screen. 3th time (Deleted minecraft.) : Black screen and then mojang symbol EDIT : But FINNALY after 3 mins the symbol is away and minecraft is ready. Might working things : Restart the downloading/Delete minecraft. Or having patience. FevolMine
  3. Username: FevolMine Age: 12 How long have you played minecraft? More then 2 Years i think Do you know something about voltz? Not much, i hope you can help me learn it. Why do you want to play on this server? Its boring to play single. I love to play multiplayer. What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz? I love to build and learn things, and Co-op with friends, and doing funny things. FevolMine "From an friendly stealing endermen, to an raging orang-otang"
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