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  1. I am running BukkitForge-1.4.7-257, voltz 1.0.13, and essentials and when I use the /give command, it doesn't work. It simply doesn't give the items to the player? Is there a way to get it to work?
  2. Even typing in the lag command gives that sent message sent back to me.
  3. No matter what I type, /icbm, any command with that in front just comes up with Usage: /icbm lag (radius)
  4. Nope still says Usage: /icbm lag (radius) did the command get removed in 1.1.4?
  5. http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/voltz/Voltz_Server_v1.1.4.zip
  6. I try to protect the spawn from icbm stuff by typing /icbm addregion spawn 100 type all and nothing happens, it just says /icbm lag (radius) meaning the only command is that. How can I protect the spawn from icbm things (in 1.1.4)?
  7. Whenever I install bukkit forge I get this 2013-04-28 19:39:24 [iNFO] [ForgeModLoader] Forge Mod Loader version f or Minecraft 1.4.7 loading 2013-04-28 19:39:25 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Bukkitforge call to getASMTransformer ... 2013-04-28 19:39:25 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Bukkitforge call to getASMTransformer ... 2013-04-28 19:39:25 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Adding Accesstransformer map: bukkit_at.cfg 2013-04-28 19:39:25 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] A critical problem occured registe ring the ASM transformer class keepcalm.mods.events.asm.transformers.events.Bloc kEventHelpers java.lang.ClassNotFound
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