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  1. Still feels like a noob.

  2. TLDR at end. So I'm completely new to modded minecraft and running a minecraft server, and a friend asked me to make a tekkit server, and I just happened to have a server newly built running Debian (Linux). A small server, for friends only. And being completely new to mod's and reading both tekkit and tekkit lite descriptions, i decided Tekkit lite was good enough for my small server. Firstly: I dont know how to apply the update, removing old mods that are no longer needed, without wiping out the whole directory and removing the world. I think i could manually back it up, wipe it and restore. I'm sure I could work it out, but im sure someone out there is smarter than I and has a much better method. Anyone care to share, or is backing up and wiping the tekkit directory the way to go? Secondly: I've gone through the forums here and other sites, which have tips for new Tekkit servers, except that I cant find mention of TekkitLite. Most of them mention mods for editing or permission managing. Do I even need that stuff for my Lite server? I had a look at getting worldedit/voxelsniper working on TekkitLite. Some suggested a forge/bukkit plugin/mod thing, some replaced the .jar. I dont even know what the stuff is, but I figured replacing the .jar wasnt right. Do I need those mods for such a small server, or are there alternatives for TekkitLite? Thirdly: Watching the CPU, it hardly budges, but some chunks may not load everynow and then. Just seems like a pain. Could be the client, since closing/opening fixes, but that might be because the server reloads the chunks. I dont know enough about how it works. Any ideas? The server is a small home server, with an i3, 16GB of RAM, and the minecraft directory sits on an SSD. TL;DR Please help me with: - Updating Tekkit Lite on Linux - Knowing whether i need mods for TekkitLite and how to get them working - Making my CPU work with TekkitLite or finding why chunks dont load. Please, if you have any suggestions or if there is any information I should put forward or pointers for where to look next, please let me know !