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  1. thanks for the news cleared a lot up
  2. any news on if there will be an updated version?
  3. ok how do i update it within something like voltz
  4. make sure you using the latest build of voltz click the option button(gear) under the volts tab and choose always use latest build
  5. So I think the new skin for the modular power suit is soooo AWESOME!!! and i need to have it in my sphax texture pack but i have no clue where to find the relavent textures in the launcher folders for MAC if anyone could help that would be great:D WHAT I WANT 1) the textures for the modular power suit that comes with the NEW TEKKIT . just the relevant files. What i want to do with it 1) i want to simply add it to my texture pack and have it still in my game but with the rest of the world in glorious sphaxness. 2) using said texture pack i want to be able to transfer the it to my voltz game aswell ANY HELP WELCOMED
  6. *apologies if this is in the wrong area but i only want this for voltz* ok so im wondering if there is a way of replacing rei's minimap with voxelmap in voltz as it looks cooler and i prefer the look of cave mapping. The thing is that i still want to run it through the technic launcher. is there anyway i can do this?????
  7. figured it out just had to treat it like normal minecraft and that was it
  8. Hi guys im trying to figure out how to add mods to vanilla mc whilst still using the launcher mainly im looking at rei's minimap any help would be great
  9. Never-mind re-downloaded the launcher and it updated after a few changes to setting. thanks for all the help though
  10. There is no gear on the mac version. There is an option box but the highest version it goes to is 1.0.13 latest and the recommended build is 1.0.11. Do I have an old version of the technic launcher? if so how do I update.
  11. ok thanks is there a way of forcing the launcher to update to that i cant seem to find an update option on it
  12. so does that mean that at the moment gun turrets aren't in the technic launcher version of Voltz (version Setup : MacBook Pro 13" Intel 3000HD <- woohoo :S 4GB Ram
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