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  1. I can't find any. Another guy on my server has also been to the moon and hasn't found any either. They aren't in any crater, under them, nor do they fall from the sky that I've seen. What's the problem? Also, why is the moon the only destination I can see? How do you access the other planets?
  2. I put one down in a really stupid spot...and I can't break it with anything
  3. Yes they pick people up and drop them off, but their mechanics are a bit funky. For example, the position the dropoff rail puts you when you roll over it seems to be different depending on the orientation you have it and what the area around it is like. It's really annoying because it makes building rail stations a trial-and-error process...
  4. You yourself said that the pack is about fun, right? What's so fun about removing players' options?
  5. People who want EE and TC out of Tekkit want less options and less freedom with the mod pack. I'm saying there should be more options. Are you really saying the latter isn't about tekkit being fun? I will totally add IC2 and RP2 when they're updated, but is there something wrong with being upset that Tekkit is reducing variability in the name of simplicity?
  6. Don't you hate people who conclude anyone who derides is a troll? Point is, nuclear power is missing from Tekkit for the first time in over a year. Why? Because it's easier that way? As lame a reason as I've ever heard.
  7. Really guys? The Technic Pack from the very beginning was about bringing together all the best mods that expanded the technology you could use in the game to the nth degree. But apparently it's now ok that the latest version of Tekkit is ignoring (equal quality) mods with the most powerful energy sources? I mean, jeez, if you'll settle for "good enough" why not play Better Than Wolves instead? (and lukeb28, MFR does indeed have machines that create pollution)
  8. Biofuel is literally fossil fuel That still doesn't address the sillyness that Tekkit, a modpack with computers, super suits, rocketships, microcircuitry, robots, interdimensional travel, planet terraforming, and magic gets its energy from gasoline.
  9. I know that...that's why I said I get why IC2 isn't in Thermal Expansion's engines all run on fossil fuels or lava
  10. I don't know, but I don't see why It's output can't be made into joules if it isn't already
  11. Having fossil fuels being the top-end source of power in a Tekkit modpack is wrong on EVERY level. I get that IC2 is sandbagging the update, but what's wrong with Atomic Science??
  12. This seems to happen every time there's energy looping in BC energy pipes. I have noticed this glitch with rednet cable, steam engines, and lux capacitor lights while energy is looping.