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  1. Edit: Start, Fixed and Ready to Build. Some People are starting an Project to Fly to Moon!
  2. Edit. Some Errors Fixed. Server now Survival with Mods, Groups, Protect Chest and more.... Important: To Get Member on Server (Reguired to Build) Register first on Page an enter Minecraft name. Or get activated by Administrator.
  3. Okay Server is now finally online. Have fun while Playing. If you find some bugs Report them to an Admin or on our Forum or in this Thread.
  4. There is no Lag atm, but we will remove that much. So we just edit the permissions, and restart in 5 minutes.
  5. Edit. We have fixed all Problems. Server will launch in 30 Minutes.
  6. I dont think so, a whole of Id´s and packs was replaced
  7. Hello, ive started a Project with the new Realese of Tekkit. We just have only problems with loading Plugins so we cant use the Map a long time, just until we fix that. [Ger/ENG] ** ATM the Website is only in German aviable, Will be updated soon ** But everyone who whant to test Tekkit in MP with Gamemode 1, can join our server. Details: *snip* What we will have? after we can bring our plugins to work we will have: -Econemmy Plugin with Web Interface Control -Worldguard to protect build areas for each user. -Mining outside of the city -Space Academy coaching by our Admins -Permission System with groups -Protected Chest,Funraces etc Want a Picture of Management? We hope you have fun, and stay until we have fix the plugin Problem, to load them.
  8. Yay, i´m just waiting of this wunderfull mod
  9. So it is real not a bug`? //edit it is a bug now it says 16 hours :D
  10. Hello, i´m still waiting on release of Tekkit, but every last day , they added time. So they have added 30 Days, Is it Bug or Real? Why they ever bring it later public? I´m paying for my Dedicated Server just to wait to host this Projekt. Thats maney lost for me. Can no one say when it does excact release? Sorry for bad english.
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