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  1. ingame name:maysonattack why: want to join in with a tekkit community other servers: one other couple days ago while waiting for new tekkit release something about me: im 19 share a big interest in tekkit and computers
  2. IGN:maysonattack (had the name since i was ten and stuck with it) AGE:19 COUNTRY:Australia TEKKIT EXPERIENCE:fairly new but a fast learner TEAMSPEAK:new computer still have to download it REASON:want to play on a server that will last, and wanting to share my innovations with other people
  3. hi fpower im new to the playing tekkit online on pc and was wondering how long u leave ur server running? and may i please join? just i recently transfered from xbox to pc and was also looking for people to play with. dont worry i do have quite a bit of knowledge about tekkit thanks, and i hope i am able to join :)
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