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  1. IGN? User1 Why do you want to join our server? To have fun and interact with more people! Tell us a little about yourself. 18 years old, from the USA. Anything else to know, just ask! How long have you been playing Modded Minecraft? 2-3 years. Since, i'd say 1.4.7 What's your goals in our Server or The Chroma pack? To have fun! Seems like a good pack with mods I enjoy Skype : spencer.recor2
  2. Want to do some hardcore pvping? raiding? If so, this pack is for you! This pack has 91 mods! currently BC tools is NOT working. Fight till the death at the 4 warps all around the world! Find the pack url here :http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/bloodshed-warfare.501624 Feel Free to +1 the pack! it helps a ton! NO MAGIC MODS! Server IP : Mod List: - Applied Energistics - ATG - AutoUtils - Big Reactors - Borderland Weapons Mod - Buildcraft - Buildcraft Tools - Chicken Chunks - Code Chicken Core - CoFh Core - ComputerCraft - EnderIO - Ender Storage - Extra Cells - Extra Utilites - Flans Mod - FPS Plus - ICBM - Immibis core - IC2 Experimental - Iron Chests - Inventory Tweaks - Logistics Pipes - Map Writer - MCHeli - Mekanism - MineChem - MineFactory Reloaded - MFFS - Advanced Solar Panels - Gravisutes - Modular Powersuits - Not Enough Items - Numina - Open Blocks - OpenMods - Optifine - Power Crystals Core - Power Suits Addon - Random Things - Redstone Arsenal - Reliquary - Resonant Engine Development - Tinkers Construct - Thermal Expansion - Unviersal Electricity - Waila - Balkons Weapon Mod Website : http://bloodshedwarefare.enjin.com/home
  3. Title says it all, I put them in the mods, and it didn't work,I put them in the configs, and nothing happened either . So where do I put them? Note: I know how to install the mod itself, just not the content packs for the modpack. This relates to the technic style of modpack making only. (3 folders only, being config,mods,bin)
  4. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could do some art for me please? It would be soo helpful! If anyone could, please contact me on skype at spencer.recor2 !
  5. Does a plugin like that exist? I feel like that would be great, like say if someone donates, they have access to more items. I swear i've seen something like that, just not sure if it was custom coded for that server though.Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. It says " No Bullshit " It's pretty bullshit when this page is English, but the server is German and no one can read the damn rules / pass the "quiz" if they aren't German.
  7. Hello, I don't know if this is posted anywhere with an answer to it, but will there be 1.6.2 modpack support? Will we have to wait for 1.7 to get 1.6.2 modpack support?
  8. Hey guys, i keep getting a crash when i try to play my singleplayer world, and I didn't fly or anything, it was just legit survival. Here is the crash report I keep getting : http://pastebin.com/9iJ8KEcJ
  9. Gives me a white screen after the Mojang sign :(
  10. here's it in dropbox https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/189823100/modpack.zip
  11. dude i know haha that is just for help , i use dropbox for the actual modpack thing
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