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  1. lyikos i get the same problems what java are you using im using java7 i tryed the lastest on for 1.4.7 and i get this but if i use one that is about 15 builds older its fine
  2. tryed that still get the errors
  3. ive install that and it does not work crashs the server at start up i have to use 145 atm to get a working verison any one know why its really annoying trying to get essentials signs to work can buy anything
  4. Fixed turned out it was MCPC-Plus was messing it up used old version and its fine
  5. how much ram are you giving it?
  6. so you can just delete the mod and it wont affect the server or the clients at all?
  7. How do you stop stop any dimensional door and rift loading or creating as it killing my server
  8. it crashes the servers and there every where no matter how far you go
  9. im running it on a server so its world_nether and no luck :(
  10. i got a server and in the nethers there java on of it running 0.6.5 with 1.5gb ram and 4 core at 3.6 and i got basalt as well