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  1. Server Address: Its Tekkit Not Classic Or Lite. Rules: Don't Greif. Do Not Steal. If Admins Or The Owner/Co-owner Asks You To Stop Something, Stop. (if you have a legitimate and reasonable argument then we might change our minds) Plugins: ItsMyChunk, Ultimate Skyblock, MiniGames, Essentials, and More! If you want to see the rest join and use /pl or /plugins Desc: I wanted to make a nice server, one that could get players on, give them goals, make tekkit something fun to do even after completion. I wanted to make sure that.... Ok How about this? To save your eyes from a long read, heres it straight to the point. We have minigames and survival. Want more? Better off playing another game. Pictures: Coming Soon! Uptime: as much as possible, it varys but is usually 24/7 if nothing is wrong or needs to be updated. Community and players wanted: I want players from all aspects to join. Hacker? Greifer? Who can code can help. Who can destroy silently can build pleasantly.
  2. IGN: hackharvester Age: 15 Country: united states Tekkit Experience: basic understanding of the machines. (i used to play on a modified launcher with most mods) Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: i want to play with people on a server thats more than diamond tools! i mean, it just gets boring after too many wins.