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  1. We're trying to optimize our servers. Anybody with advice please pm me.
  2. I just fixed a problem with our dedicated server. The server *should* be running fine now.
  3. Ip: Voltz.regentgaming.com Removed Mods: None Uptime: 24/7 (Downtimes will be posted on our forums) Speed: 1 GB/s At Regent Gaming, we try to ensure the best playing environment for any user playing. Our attempt to create a harassment-free, lag-proof community has paid off, and this is our result. Regent Gaming's Faculty is frequently active to ensure users are satisfied with their experience. No matter your playing style, from peaceful to warmongering, you will be satisfied with our server. Feel free to stop by our website at:
  4. I'm not sure if this is just me, but I am trying to set up a server for Voltz which needs spawn protection from missiles. When I attempt to use the /modflag command, it does not work as suggested in this comment: This has become extremely annoying as I can not launch my server without getting this set up. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. First, please fix your caps lock key. Next, I am working on the server and haven't had timetkfix this advert. Calm down,thank you.
  6. Server IP: [2Gb Allocated] Server Website: troubledtowngaming.com Server Rules: Be Aware of the banned items (Red Matter and Antimater explosives+Cluster nuke)Respect players and staff alike Griefing and Raiding is allowed, go have fun. No mods have been removed from the server, we have factions, groupmanager, and essentials for plugins. We welcome new and old Voltz players to the server, and aim to keep our players entertained. I hope to see you on our server soon. Notice: We are working out bugs with our plugins. If you notice any bugs you can PM me in-game
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