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  1. Good 1Charak2 that you told people, having some traffic on the server that dont have the right mods config. Bigdig was fun, but at this port there is now a FTB Unhinged server. the whitelist will go away when all the settings are done :)
  2. dark_hunter, You just whine about everything, get a life.
  3. I closed the server today, due to lack of players.
  4. Nice to see all the nice people joining the server, looking for a nice server- here it is
  5. I have not seen creed för some time now. Logblock was installed after the thief stole your stuff. The sign has been removed. It's nice to see some new players on the server. The building continues. I'm in the age of lava, and it's real nice
  6. I like to say welcome to all new players, that has joined the server. Update The Craft and Enchant mod disabled, disrupt the enchantmenttable. Changed from coreprotect to Logblock
  7. Not that easy to change the title as I thought.. Champ4now , I think that worldguard will hold you back a little bit, anyway. Nothing or nobody is perfect Thieves usually gets away with it...
  8. Tip of the day As this is not the latest server version, you have to press the 'wheel' right under your BigDig logo on the Technic Launcher, to change it to the 1.2.2 version.
  9. Hi and welocome to my server the adress is ekorren.no-ip.org:25568 A nice small server, playing for fun and meet new friends. plugins: MCPC+ Chestshop CoreProtect Essentials etc.. Rules: No respect -> No gameplay Texturepack recommendation Use this link below to get Sphax PureBDCraft 128* dedicated for BigDig 1.2.2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87915028/Sphax%20PureBDCraft%20128x%20MC14_Bigdig.zip place it in the texturepack folder and you are good to go. You need x64 Java to work thu. Don't forget to turn on the Increase PermGen Size in the Technic Launcher,(in the upper right corner, the "wheel") and allow more memory if you have problem with crash. I hope to see you soon.
  10. I don't have that problem on my server
  11. Nice to see that you have your server up and running. I have some trouble getting the settings on my server correct. Have problem getting essentials to work. Could you be so kind to tell me which versions you are using for your plugins, and are you using bukkitforge to activate them?

    I use bukkitforge 1.4.7-40. Groupmanager is working thu.

    I really appreciate your help. /Cardpiraya [email protected] engineertroops.com

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