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  1. In terms of server management, actually getting the setup right is only the first half of running a successful server. Driving people into your server can be a real challenge, especially for modded servers where not as much infrastructure exists - lists, forums ect.. I've also found that advertising modded servers on mainly vanilla lists just confuses people and the folks who see the listing won't know how to connect. I'd really like to know what other admins do to drive players into their modded servers. Thanks!
  2. There have been a few crashes, so we took down the server temporarily to fix the issues. I'm glad to say that MineBlade is now up and running again. Have fun!
  3. I'm getting similar reports on my server. Aside from out-right banning the items, I don't think there's a fix.
  4. Tekkit is fun by yourself, however the real magic in Tekkit is all about the people and communities that you play with. Think about the things you can achieve by yourself. Now think about the things that can achieve while co-operating in a large township or clan. MineBlade isn't about complicated contraptions, it's about the people who build them. Packed with a fully player-driven economy, MineBlade is the premiere Tekkit community. Rules: - Absolutely no griefing or stealing. Offenders will be permanently banned. - Please don't ruin the landscape with 1x1 towers. - Do not harass or annoy other players. - Racism and hate-speech is not tolerated under any circumstances. - Have fun and get involved in the community! Features: - Random Teleportation. Finding a good spot to settle down in has never been easier! - Player-driven Economy. All shops are stocked by real players. - Time based rank system. The more time you spend playing, the more perks you get. - All Tekkit mods enabled apart from one - MystCraft - Professional staff with zero tolerance for abuse and handouts. Staff Recruitment: We're actively recruiting staff, at the moment - we're most interested in administrators (people with in depth Bukkit/Tekkit knowledge), developers (people with Java experience), Moderators (folks with good people skills) and Website Administrators (people who can help manage the forums). If you're interested, reply with the following applications: play.mineblade.net