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  1. Hey guys, Welcome to the Official Forum post for JaffaTech's Tekkit Server! History About JaffaTech: JaffaTech First started in 2012 as a Tekkit Server before "Tekkit Lite" & "Classic" we we're a Decent server in my eyes and the community we once had, Good spawn, Great Community, Good Admins - Poiuytrewq Plugins: PermissionsEX -- Permissions plugins which allows you to have a rank on JaffaTech Stargate -- Like a nether portal but can be made by admins to Teleport you to another gate with the same "Network" Name. LaggClear -- After 15 mins, a thing called [CLAG] will strike! It will delete all the entites in the map, this is used to reduc server lag so you guys can have the best gaming experience at JaffaTech Anti-Greif -- Plugins allows players to Have there own claimed land, use a GOLD Shovel, right click in one corner then right click in the other to make a Protected area. LWC -- LWC is a protection plugin aswell, unlike Anti-Greif it allows you to protect Chests, Doors, Signs (Shift place a sign on a Tekkit Machine to private it ) you will have different types of "Locks" you can have it so it only lets you open the chest, or maybe you could add a friend, if you really want you could make it so they have to enter a password on interaction with the chest in order to open it! Banned Items!: Dnyamite, Sticky Dynamite, TNT, Industrial TNT, Nuke's, Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm, Collector MK3, Relay MK3, World Anchor(Unless given by an Admin (this applies to all "Anchors")), Cart Anchor, Dimensonal Anchor, Destruction Catalyst, Destruction Cataclysm, Evertide Amulet, Volcanite Amulet, Ring of Ignition, Archangel Smite, Hyperkinectic Lense, Watch of Flowing Time, Cataclytic Lense, Ring of Arcana, Abyss Helmet, Infernal Chest, Gravity Greaves, Hurricane Boots, Mercurial Eye & REP Additional Info: Got a Question before you join the server? Join the Teamspeak and ask us! TeamSpeak3 IP: Server IP: Screenshots:
  2. Launcher Version: Technic Launcher (Tekkit) Operating system: Windows Vista Version of Java: Java 7 Error Messages: N/A Link to Pastebin: N/A When i go to craft any item in the new 3.0.3 update for tekkit, it just appears for less than a second then dissapears, this is on a 3.0.3 server not 3.0.4, thanks for the help anyone All i had to do was restart my server, if i do "/reload" it tends to break crafting
  3. I can't be a Cameraman, my laptop is too crap, i don't mind being a actor/builder. I'm good at the IC2 but useless at EE my IGN: xWoody25 skype: ryanwoodward95 and i live in the UK (GMT) just send me a msg on skype, i'll reply soon BTW im 17 and im unemplyoyed, so i have alot of spare time :)
  4. oh in that case me and you suffer from the same problem, server + fraps = dead laptop. so i guess we cant do the LP together :(
  5. Hey, if you have skype add me, ill do a LP with you i have loads of spare time due to unemploment, and will you be hosting the server? if so send me a request on skype: "ryanwoodward95" and just to let you know im 17 and i live in the UK so pretty good :3
  6. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Whitelist is still on? im not whitelisted
  7. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Who r the people that are whitlisted? 5 ppl on the server, u building spawn?
  8. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Mitch i think he is making the server spawn thats why, plus the server motto sez "under maintenence"
  9. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Make a New world, its for the best :)
  10. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] I would like to apply for a mod please, My IGN is : xWoody25 Timezone: GMT (England) Reason why: The reason i want to be a mod is becasue i am a friendly person who loves to help people for no reward. Previous Experience: I have had not a lot of experience but i think i have enough, i am always learning new things about tekkit, if a Visitor/Resident asks me and i dont know the answer i will go away and find out the research. Cool Thing Built/In progress: I am planning to build a nuclear reactor and hopefully upgrade it to MK3. I also play on the server for an average of 4-6 hrs a day :)
  11. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] Hey guys its xWoody25 just wondering is this a 24/7 server and this server is absolutley amazing, only been playing for 1 day overall and not much lag, nice helping community that can be trusted :)