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  1. Minecraft username:iTwistGFX Age:15 Location:UK Tekkit or Technic experience:Alot! Bans on other server (we will do checks):only 1 for shouting at the kid who owned the server Anything else (about you etc.):Hmm, well i enjoy playing minecraft, tekkit, technic etc. and i also like playing football i guess (UK version of football) , i was on a server for a while but it went down so i need a new one :D
  2. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][30 slots][Whitelist] IGN:iTwistGFX Have you ever been banned:No, What do you plan to do on the server:Alot, i love tekkit and technic and i know alot on most of the mods in them. What is your experience level with Tekkit?About 7/10
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