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  1. Can I install essentials on Big Dig? If so how?
  2. I have recently been breeding chocobos on my server and had about seven or so. After a few days, I rejoined my server, and found it was overrun by green chocobos. The lag makes it impossible for me to do anything at all, is there anyway for me to kill them or despawn them using server commands?
  3. Ninjamonkey474 No greifing I have played on a server of my own, but my computer isnt that good so im looking for another place I expect a big dig server where i'm able to build what i want (but not ugly 1x1 towers)
  4. I downloaded the 64-bit version of Java and it will let me use larger amounts of RAM. Thanks everyone!
  5. I just tested which version of Java I have and it turns out it is 32-bit. Is this the issue? If so, how do I fix it?
  6. It needs a battery and a source of power, I would recommend the Solar Head thing.
  7. I would if I could. I wouldn't post this problem if I could but every time I do try to change it up it tells me
  8. I recently made a small tekkit server for me and two friends, but it has been pretty laggy. I think this is because when making the server, I had to change the values in the launch.bat file to 1G. I was looking in several places and they say this happens if you have a 32-bit OS or 4G RAM or less. However, I have 8G and a 64-bit OS. Is there any way for me to add more RAM to the server or am I stuck?
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