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  1. jebus

    Music doesn't play

    any news about a workaround for this?
  2. I've reported the bug here There's nothing going to be done by saying here, so submit the bug also yourselves, or reply on my bug report.
  3. jebus

    Music doesn't play

    Title: Music doesn't play Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Java Version: 1.7.0_07 Description of Problem: The in-game music from minecraft doesn't play at any point in the game, and it's normal that it should. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  4. did you manage to try if galacticraft is the culprit?
  5. No matter how cool or bad the music was, for me it was an integral part of the game. Any idea how to bring it back?
  6. Ever since I installed the new tekkit, I haven't heard the game music ever again. My ingame sounds work perfectly , just no music whatsoever on certain events (like it should be in minecraft). Any idea why?
  7. yes I tried in those layers and definetly found what I was looking for. Will keep that in mind when I need copper.
  8. Can somebody point me out what level range to find copper? I mostly mine aiming for diamonds , so I mine at layer 8-10 . I have yet to find a single piece of copper in a whole week I've been playing. What layers does copper spawn? Are there any biomes more likely to have copper?
  9. Ty everyone for the answers. Is there a wiki for the NEW tekkit , so I don't have to pester you all the time about little new things?
  10. Hi I'm using the new tekkit (the one with the space dimension, ships etc) and I don't know how to send a redstone signal to three engines toghether for example. With redpower 2 I could just lay a redstone wire, but now that's not an option anymore. What are we supposed to use instead?
  11. Good idea cerevox. You are right it's sewage. I was just wondering why are there pools out there. Is it because mobs create them? (the area is full of sheep)
  12. Hi I haven't played minecraft with 1.3 , and I've seen that now and again these pools of brown water appear. When I dive into them I get poisoned and most the times I die from the poison damage? What are these? are these specific for tekkit or are they a new vanilla feature?
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