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  1. I Read The Rules in the Website and made a account there with my minecraft name.
  2. Username: Melachi_ Age: 30 Why Tekkitopia? I Want To See People Buildings and play around with friends and get my funish back Your secret code:11Mel
  3. Guider = Helps and shows the new person the server Youtuber = A person who makes a video of the server and can use the commands of the admin but no bans or kicks
  4. Plus u should could make a rank that is named Guider if a new person comes from the server and one that is Youtuber if your a person that has a account and post a video from the server
  5. Your ingame name: Melachi_ Why you want to join our server: I Want To Learn About This Modpack. Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which?: Nope i dont know any. Something about yourself: Well I am ten and I love to play Call of Duty and Minecraft with mods.
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