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  1. Whitelisted. Sorry guys, was having problems with my computer. If you weren't whitelisted, your application was denied.
  2. Website: www.pawgaming.net IP: Donate: www.pawgaming.net/donate PAW Gaming was created back in late January. We originally started as a Faction server, but as we looked at all the other servers being advertised, we noticed that there were a million other Faction servers out there. Then, we switched to Creative. Originally we thought this would be a pretty good idea, because we thought people liked Creative servers. Guess not. THEN, we switched to Survival. That, by far, was our best decision. We had the regular Minecraft survival server up for a month, and we wanted to give more to the players. We didn't think there was enough, so we added Tekkit. Now, players have a whole lot more to do, and donators get more too. Welcome to PAW Gaming Network. - Commandbook - Lockette - Worldedit - Swatchdog - WorldGuard - iConomy - CreeperControl - Yapp ( Permissions and Groups ) - Announcer 1. No Griefing 2. No Hacking/cheating 3. No spamming 4. No Advertising 5. No random towers 6. Be respectful 7. No fighting in chat 8. Don't ask for staff positions 9. No excessive caps 10. Have fun. In-Game Name: Age: Tekkit Experience: Why us?:
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