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  1. Im going to email you in a minute ill include the extra mods you will need look forward to playing with you!
  2. Pirates Cove: Survival IP: will email if approved Located: West coast USA Looking for adult minded players (18+) that enjoy an easy going friendly group of people. This server is running a modded version of tekkit I will have to email you some added mods and can help install if you are having any problems. I have added some stuff from volts like ICBMs and some other mods including industrial craft. The server runs 24/7. Rules: (If you fail to follow these you will be banned for ever) 1. If it's not yours, don't touch it. If it's yours try and mark it. 2. No hacks or block duplication. Keep it survival or find a new server. You must apply to join: (If you can't put effort into this you will not be approved) 1. Age: 2. Email: 3. Location: 4. Skype Info: 5. Time of day you mostly play: If your approved: (You will get a private message if your approved) 1. Go at least 500 blocks from spawn before creating buildings. 2. No quarry's closer then 1000 blocks from spawn. I suggest using Mystcraft for quarry's. 3. Don't ask for free items or creative/op.
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