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  1. Staff Needed Awesome server dont join and ask for staff instantly Amazing spawn Needs players greifpreventation RULES: No greifing No abusive Talk No Hacks And Just play legit and friendly Join today Epicraft.no-ip.info Lets make a good community! Website:http://epicraft2o13.enjin.com/ http://imgur.com/bfhJCmD
  2. is there anyway to get world downloader for tekkit classic need it urgently?
  3. it is all installed properly wen i put 2 blocks of wood down it makes presure plates and wen i put it side by side it makes sticks..
  4. teh server runs fine its just this crafting issue and i dont know where to look for that it also look sliek i cant use //set 142:2 eathier now for world eedit it seems that modded items just dont work..
  5. i tried deleting the mods and reinstalling them still didnt work
  6. still the same when i put planks the way you do to make sticks it makes presure plates and i cannot craft modded items neither can anyone on server?
  7. suddenly on my server ppl were unable to craft stuff ive tryed resetiing world just wont work plz help also wen somebody trys to make sticks you have to put the planks next to eachother not downwards
  8. 07.12 22:59:35 [server] INFO chrisbloboo: /gm c 07.12 22:59:16 [Admin];lolChris ran command Message of the Day 07.12 22:59:16 [Disconnect] User chrisbloboo has disconnected, reason: unknown 07.12 22:59:16 [Connect] User [Admin];lolChris, IP unknown 07.12 22:58:37 [server] INFO chrisbloboo: /home 07.12 22:58:31 [server] INFO Deleted 0 entities! 07.12 22:58:30 [server] INFO [VC]179 Hits 07.12 22:58:30 [Multicraft] chrisbloboo ran command Message of the Day 07.12 22:58:30 [Connect] User chrisbloboo, IP 07.12 22:58:29 [server] INFO -------------------- 07.12 22:58:29 [s
  9. can someone link me to a working speef plugin for tekkit classsic
  10. also im having trouble ppl cant craft stuff for some reason ?
  11. Any Votifirer tutorials for tekkit classic i do all the right things and on websites it says the test for my votifier is correct but wen i vote to try and see if it works nothing happens on the server
  12. and also how do i disable right click on rm tools etc
  13. On my Tekkit server i added tekkit restrict but when ppl have creative and not opped wen they get an item out of the bag it turns to dirt and says its banned item how do i disable this?
  14. can some1 give me a link to groupmanager that works for tekkit classic thanks add me on skype josh.perkins92
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