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  1. Just started this server and am looking for some builders willing to help with building the spawn. Comment on here with your IGN and I'll add you immediately to the whitelist.
  2. Just made this server and am looking for some good builders, and some staff to help me get it set up. The IP: This is a beta server, I will remake this server with bukkit in order to add some plugins like Essentials. As for the REALsheaffer comment, we both know that you only posted that because you were mad about my review to your server. It's not my fault you decided to be unfair to the 2 players who played the longest in your server.
  3. Extremely crappy server. Got griefed and when I went to the griefer's house to get my stuff back the Owner attacked me and said I was being unfair. That he didn't want me stealing. Stealing? It was my stuff, you can't really steal what's rightfully yours. The servers sucks.
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