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  1. Hello! New to the forums. I am having a hard time finding any sort of resolution or even information on the issue I ma having. When I go to what I suppose is a different zone, or chunk, I get this "Saving Areas" screen with a progress bar. The bar hangs, HSM freezes, and I get a white screen with no text or anything. At this point I just have to alt+f4 and restart the launcher. There has to be some info or a fix for this somewhere. This is far and away my favorite mod I have played, and am looking forward to getting more involved, but this nuisance is becoming a gamebreaker for me. Please, som
  2. This is a year old and I can not believe someone hasn't responded to it. I am having the same problem. Saving areas -> white screen, no text, and have to shut the application down. This sucks as this is probably the best mod I have played, and there's no fix for this anywhere I can find....
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