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  1. Does anyone else have the problem with magmatic engines just stop working and they have to be picked up and replaced back down again?
  2. So since they destroyed the original basis of Tekkit and removed everything that made tekkit tekkit. I have some questions to be asked since there is also no wiki out there with any relevant information to the new updates 1. with no IC2 there is no longer a sufficient way to power any machines that have come with the new TE mod without needing an unrealistic upsurd amount of coal that without the EE mod you just can't keep up with since redstone engines got nerfed so bad they can't power anything expect chests as where I use to be able to use 4 to do a quarry which doesn't work either anymore. What are we supposed to do about producing mass amounts of power to power multiple machine facilities. 2. How are we supposed to transport the little amount of energy that can be created to the different machines since cables have been removed with IC2 (I think it was IC2 they were in glass fiber cables etc). Or are we just supposed to make power supplies right next to each machine ? 3. How are we supposed to charge anything now I can't find that anywhere either ? Stuff like the redstone energy cell works well for charging machines however there doesn't seem to be a way to charge the redstone energy cells ? This is just the current problems I'm facing starting out on the new tekkit I'm sure as I get passed some of this if there is even a way there will be more issues later on that they messed up but if anyone could please allude to how some of these things are supposed to be done please feel free to share and also please no trolls your immature and no one wants you around
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