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  1. I am unable to find a place to download anything more recent than the tekkit 1.2.9e server, other than the very latest server on the bugtest thread. I am trying to ideally get the new recommended 1.2.9f server but I cannot find a location to download it from.
  2. Is it possible to disable Dimensional Doors or prevent them from spawning? I've noticed my world file had gotten to a point where there were 1000+ separate dimensions as each pocket dimension would cause a new world to be spawned and my friends loved going through hundreds in an hour trying to get a diamond block. Beyond disabling DD, is there any way I can prevent the massive accumulation of worlds and dimensions?
  3. Did you set up a static ip that he is trying to connect to? If he is trying to connect to your internal ip (the 192.168.x.x) address it will not work as that is your local network, not your external ip. You port forwarded everything to the static ip you have set up then sent him your external ip address? If yes to all of that, You may have NAT setting set to Strict or Moderate in your router. Either of these things are common errors with not being able to connect. If you are still lost on what to do, you could try setting up hamachi with your friend and using that to mimic a LAN network a
  4. So I am trying to put together a server on my computer before I purchase a host for it and I am having issues setting it up properly. I have finally figured out how to get Tekkit and MCPC+ working, but beyond that I havent done anything. All I have is the Base Tekkit and MCPC+ Infrastructure. My questions have to deal with how plugins work in general, but I will ask about specifics and just use those situations as examples and base everything else off of those. 1: Are plugins dependent on the server build like mods are? IE: Tekkit is currently in 1.6.4, are there plugins that are more rece
  5. I am the owner of a server and am having a couple of issues with griefing because my Mods and OP's have no way of seeing someone who is invisible by use of the Modular power suits suit add-on. Is there any possible way to change this without banning the use of the module? I like banning as few items as possible and only need a way for my OP's to be able to see those using the stealth option.
  6. I'm trying to make a power station for my base and I cant seem to find a way to shut off my engines automatically when the Redstone energy cells fill up. Is there any way to have them send out a redstone current when they are full or when they are not full? On a semi-related note, is there any documentation on how the new logic gates work? I got used to the old ones for setting up logic gated and redstone control rooms and i;m not quite sure how the new ones work and the wiki is still really bare.
  7. I have been playing on a LAN based server( Single player - open world to LAN) with a couple of friends while we were all at college and now that it let out I had decided to download the server pack and start one up. Everything is going well, I got the world transferred over correctly and now we're getting issues where commands we used in the LAN world would NOT be found in the server pack, such as /sethome, /home, or /spawn. This we found after only a few minutes then we shut down the server until we could find out what changed. After hunting through the forums and google I have no idea wh
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