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  1. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Now with Towny! [lockette] [essentials] [Towny] your in game name: Longneck1 your timezone: GMT, Hamphire, UK Why you want to be a mod: i would like to be a mod because love to be in charge of people but i do not abuse my powers. i tend to get along with everyone but if someone pisses me off i dont take any shit. What previous experience you have had: i use to be the co owner of a server but the server is now shut down due to lack of money, it was on normal minecraft but i would love to be a mod on tekkit. i do play tekkit alot, i have alot of spare time so i will be on as much as possible although i do go to college. a cool thing you have, or will built with tekkit, it doesn't have to be detailed, just a brief explanation: i would love to build a big redstone calculator, obviously it will take some time but i will succeed. in normal minecraft i made a working digital clock which told ingame time and that was with normal redstone. i have never made anything good in tekkit because i have never had creative but i would love to show you what i can do