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  1. You are correct it was an ID conflict.
  2. I know the growth syringe that can be crafted comes from MFR, but do the other two types of growth syringes come from MFR also. They have ":1" and ":2" suffixes on the end of the item ID. I looked at every machine in MFR and could not find one that produced growth syringes from wood. The guy said it was a sawmill that produced growth syringes as a by-product. He said it produced a ridiculous amount of growth syringes, so my guess is that it could have come from a mod that took away that functionality. I'll look through change logs and see if I can figure it out.
  3. Does anyone know how to create these other two types of growth syringes? The guy that gave then to me said he made them with a sawmill before the server we play on was updated. It could be from a mod that is not in Tekkit.
  4. I have set up a multi-turtle quarry system in the nether. The turtles drop there items into a diamond chest. I am trying to pump the some of the items items into a pulverizer and other items go into a disposal system. The disposal system works fine, but the items going into the pulverizer pop out of the pipe if the pulverizer is full. I am currently using stone transport pipe going into the pulverizer. Is there a different pipe that does not do this or will I need an elaborate set up to keep the items from popping out?
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