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  1. Thank you, man. I appreciate it.
  2. I just posted an application, hope I get accepted!
  3. Doctor's appointment today...

  4. I need some goals to set for myself, but tekkit has changed since last I played (back when it had the old launcher). So I have no idea what's new and so I can't set my own goals. Can you guys please set me some goals?
  5. The overlord of all things that have never been seen, felt, tasted, smelled, heard, known, sensed, or even possible. Aka: that creepy guy you saw in a trench coat that one time.
  6. As long as it's not unplayably laggy I wouldn't mind. Keep in mind that I use a laptop.
  7. Maybe you could add LWC for chest and furnace protection, but will it take up too much space?
  8. Actually, it's when he grapples an unsuspecting victim and uses his mystical powers to drain out their life force into a milkshake. It's a very popular beverage.
  9. If you made that sever, I might check it out. The question if I will stay depends on hhow well its moderated. If I log on after a particularly exhausting day to find out that all of my stuff has been griefed, I will not stay on the server.
  10. Gam3rzRus I want to join your server, because I have never been on a tekkit server, and that I can run machines while I'm offline(super useful for me because I'm on a laptop). I chose JWL, because it seemed unlikely that any of my stuff will get griefed. I have never been on a tekkit server. I am a 13 year old middle-schooler, about to go to high-school. I am in Pre-AP(pre-Avanced Placement) language arts, and in Algebra I. I hope you choose me, because it will be an awesome experience for me.