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  1. welcome all to a custom modpack that combines adventure, magic, industry, and science to create the Battle for the havens. In this built in server you will find plenty of room to build a house and whatever your heart desires in a no grief environment, but once a week players will participate in the Purge, players can roam around the map steel, kill, and battle for all out fight to the death. Players can also participate in weekly competitions that gain them items and make them gods, there will aso be openings for moderators and other server jobs that will need to be fulfilled. for applicati
  2. If accepted add me on skype or if you want to interview me that would be fine
  3. hello i would like to join 1. John 2. JohnnyMcQ 3. necro_macq 4. 15( sorry that im not 18 but im mature) 5. I may not have all the skills listed obuve but i am good with the game and am familiar with most mods. i would like to join because i have been waiting for a opportunity like this for a long time and would like to be apart of something that will be enjoyable/important and im not a half bad architect. 6.none(but after this if accepted there will be). 7. i do have school so not from 8:00 to 3:00 on weekdays but on weekends i can put in allot of work that is 8. California U.S.A
  4. hi i am having trouble installing the mo creatures mod. when i put my mod stuff into my minecraft.jar and into my mods folder it all goes smoothly and yes i have the gui and the custom mob spawner that goes with it. so when that's all done i load up my big dig and the following text c forge mod loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation you have mod sources that are duplicate within your system mod id : file name CustomSpawner : minecraft.jar CustomSpawner : CutsoMmobSpawner 2.3.1.zip GuiAPI : minecraft.jar GuiAPI: GuiAPA1.2.6.jar
  5. Well ya tekkit classic does but any other packs with the EMC values
  6. I think u might be having problems whit you computer supporting the tekkit. jar file on your computer do u have at least a 6 GB of ram. but I may be not right because you say you other tekkit packs work.
  7. when u lunch your tekkit classic does it say "login failed" if so go on you tube to this URL :
  8. what pack because I there is no EMC value on anything in other packs
  9. does any one know why the equivalent exchange mod is not it other packs
  10. how do I do that do u mind teaching me
  11. hello I lost my stuff on my server by clicking save 1 so how do I get it back ? is it lost forever
  12. what do that mean no I wont I just want to get help
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