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  1. OnyxNewt There was and still is a lot of effort put into it
  2. Theres nothing wrong with my computer or anthing I just needs someones help that has experience with plugins add me on skype nathan.andrews48. only if your able to help thanks!
  3. IP: Rules: - No Griefing - No spamming - No asking for items - No asking for ranks - No raiding - No cussing Banned Items: - Canvas bags - Nukes - TnT - iTnT - Philosopher stone - Mining lazer - Thermal monitor - Canon - Turtle - Dimensional anchor Plugins: - Grief Prevention - Chestshop - Enjin -AutoRank -McMMO -BOSEconomy History: It wasn't long ago that I started my own server but It was running off my computer and it was terible so not Im getting everything in line and trying my best to make it a fun server to come and join. Up Time: 24/7 I like any player to join that follows the rules I would have pics but It wont let me insert them Donate To my Server To get cool stuff! (Still being set up) Staff Needed: Ok so all I really want for stay is someone that is responible and know what they are doing also someone that is 16+
  4. So I am looking for the plugin that has it so if you want to rank up you have to build items and give them to an NPC and then the NPC will rank you up? any idea?
  5. So i was playing on your server just fine and hen it randomly kicked me and it said something about java exernale error and it wont let me join back it says communication error
  6. username: smurfinater23 I will not grief in homeworld: yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat: yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: yes I will report and not abuse any bugs: yes I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: I have played minecraft for 2 years and tekkit for 1 year
  7. Dude your server is 1.5.2

  8. Your server is hacked again by mracer, treeyoyo and decorma. I do have screenshot proof but can't insert them again.

    Can't belive it is my 3rd time i help a server owner build spawn and it gets all blown up -.-

  9. Server was hacked guys! trying to figure it out sorry about that