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  1. Link to Most updated Content: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1965760-164forge-colored-glass/
  2. I've got a different implementation, take it as you will: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1993130-wip164-betacolored-light-progress-and-discussion/#entry24515141 Source: https://github.com/CptSpaceToaster/CptsModdingLight
  3. Version - Differing Recipes Current recipes for Colored Sand called for one Dye, and one Sand. This was deemed "expensive", and a new config option will change the recipe to produce 8 Colored Sand from 8 Sand and 1 Dye (Check the Recipes Section in the Forum Post) - If updating from a previous version, make sure to install the new version, and then run it first. IMPORTANT: If you do not run it first, the config file will not change. - Changing the value of Easy Recipes to true will enable the cheaper recipes.
  4. Version Colored Glass changed from 3256 to 3880 Colored Glass Pane changed from 3257 to 3881 Colored Sand changed from 3255 to 3879 Changes in the new Mod will not affect old installations. I repeat, this update does NOTHING if you've already used the old mod. Instead, delete your config, and THEN run if you want the new block id's to be present. (This will erase old blocks if there are any present)
  5. For Minecraft[1.6.2] Client or Server - Requires Forge So colored glass... We all seem to like it, and now it can be yours! So, I've created my own colored glass mod, borrowing from some great ideas from the community! Credit -A Suggestion for Colored Glass: http://www.minecraft...s-the-original/ -An oddly similar mod that I found much later after I was almost finished with [1.4.7]. Both mods offer colored glass and panes, although my mod remains updated and takes a different approach at crafting it in-game: http://forums.techni...glass-mod.8384/ The Colors are quite different as w
  6. Updated for 1.6.2 - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1965760-162forge-colored-glass/
  7. This was quite helpful. I had been making my own glass mod, and slowly made progress from knowing nothing. After finishing colored glass, I made my way through colored sand (Try making custom sand fall like normal sand!) and was quite stuck on colored glass panes. You're source was indispensable! Specifically the method getIconFromDamage()... I didn't know that even existed and was already considering rewriting/modifying a renderer somewhere. I only wish I had found this earlier. Would have saved me the work of writing one myself! __________________________________________________
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