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  1. do i need new plugins to or no?
  2. everyone who places the server is in one spot so far
  3. everyone who places the server is in one spot so far
  4. how did you get the plugins on there I have the same version and it crashes the server
  5. I do but the world may be reset soon because of issues like tekkit closing unexpectedly
  6. when I have plugins in 1.2.2 the server crashes how do I fix it?
  7. The ip is different though it has bin changed to a beta version of tekkit that's for 1.6.4 and I still need to install plugins
  8. accepted vasderote your a mod, RaykimESP is an admin LightShadow is a mod and Gunnerz1234 is an admin
  9. can u check my apply here ?

    Thx !

  10. lnex all I need to know about plugins is how to configure them
  11. lnex accepted you will be an admin and chris it sounds like your applying fo the server its not open to the public yet
  12. welcome to admin Hyrikan. We will open to the public as soon as we get a plugin that can put admin or mod next to our name if you go in and say /pl you can see all the plugins