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  1. I signed into the server, will you add me to the whitelist? Thank you.
  2. In-Game Name finalfantasy7fan (I picked it when I was 12, I was a complete douche then) Age and Global Location? Fourteen, and I live in the UK. Have you ever been banned before? Nope. Never. Why do you play SMP? To make some new friends, enjoy myself, and to (try and) be better than everyone else. You know this is a member application right? Yes. I did read the description, you know. How long have you been playing Minecraft? Two and a half years. How did you find us? A friend who was scouting for new servers. What's your favorite color? Yellow :3 Will you please make an account on our Website? Sure. Anything else you want to add? Not really.
  3. Heh, this is gonna be kinda unappealing... Minecraft username finalfantasy7fan (I got MC when I was 12, which explains the douche name) --- What playstyle do you prefer? (Building, PVP, Faction Warfare, Exploration, etc.) Exploring, building bases, crafting, constructing massive complexes of machines and computer networks. --- Tell us about yourself Here's the unappealing bit... Age: 14 Country: England I've been playing Minecraft for two and a half years, and Tekkit for six months. I want to assist in building loads of efficient machines. I mainly focus on the Lua-based ComputerCraft to write complex programs to assist in maintaining said machines.
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