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  1. Join Fletcher Play Server and immediately start playing! Initially claim up to 4096 blocks with grief prevention and enjoy playing with your friends and others on the server! This is a non-PVP survival server! Check out the video below for an intuitive look into the gameplay of the server! IP: fletcher.amplegaming.com Websites: Site: Ample Gaming Buycraft: Ample Gaming Buycraft Rules: 1. Be respectful 2. Be ethical 3. Use common sense 4. No spamming 5. No hacking/cheating 6. No advertising 7. No asking for free stuff or ranks Banned Items: Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Destruction Catalyst Nuke Dynamite Sticky Dynamite All Mining Turtles Mercurial Eye Red Matter Hammer Red Matter Morning Star Server Specs: Intel Xeon E5-1630v2 @ 3.70Ghz 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz ECC Dedicated RAM Unlimited SSD Storage 1 Gbps Connection
  2. The server is currently running, however, we are using a TEMPORARY IP address for today. We are getting out dedicated IP back and setup later on today. You can join the same IP and it will tell you to "Direct Connect" to the temporary IP until we have it back. Once we have our dedicated IP back, just join the old IP address. I apologize for the wait time that was much longer that expected!
  3. The server is currently going through a migration period to a dedicated solution. We are experiencing a few problems and are trying to get it back online as soon as possible.
  4. The server has now been migrated (1 day early) to the new machine. Check out the updated specs above in the server description!
  5. Server will be going through 1-2 hours of maintenance on 7/18/16 around late morning Central Time. We will be migrating the server to a more capable machine.
  6. Ample Gaming: Tekkit Legends! IP Address: tekkit.amplegaming.com Ample Gaming introduces: Out Tekkit Legends Server! Join out server and you can immediately start playing this awesome modpack! We are a humble server with a spectacular line of staff members and developers! Come join us in the name of having fun and playing the game! Our official website is: http://amplegaming.com/ Our official donor website: http://amplegaming.buycraft.net/ Server Rules: 1. Be respectful 2. Be Ethical 3. Use common sense and... 4. No spamming 5. No hacking/cheating 6. No advertising 7. No spawn camping 8. No asking for free stuff or ranks Banned Items: (These items were added for either abuse from players or bypass of Factions protection rights.) Gem Armor (Donor Perk Only!) Nuke Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite Destruction Catalyst, Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm Beginner, Standard, and Advanced Mining Turtles Server Specs: Intel Xeon E5-2637v3 (4 CPUs x 8 Cores @ 3.5Ghz) 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz Dedicated ECC RAM Unlimited PCI-Based SSD Storage (Lightning speed world storage) 10Gbps Connection (Fiber Optic)
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