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  1. Technic Platform Page The wait is over! Beta 1.1 has successfully migrated to Dropbox. The doorway to the World of Ultima has been reopened. Enjoy! . . . . Greetings fellow adventurers! Whatever your background; a blacksmith, a baker, or a farmer . . . a teacher, a sage, or even a professional adventurer . . . Explore a variety of lands, take a portal to the Aether or enter Middle Earth. Establish a homestead in the wilderness, grow an extensive farm, and start a family. Pillage dungeons for the wealth of the past, perfect the art of the Thaumaturge from your private study, or become a part of a great civilization in the incredible World of Ultima. Be the author of your own future. Where will your destiny lie? Listed beneath are the attractions that have made the World of Ultima a magnet for wanderlust: Core content mods: Thaumcraft 4 - Thaumic Tinkerer - Thaumic Exploration - Thaumcraft Mob Aspects - Thaumcraft Inventory Scan - Thaumcraft Magical Decoration Tinker's Construct - Tinker's Steelworks Minecraft Millenaire Pam's HarvestCraft GrowthCraft Minecraft Comes Alive World creation mods: The Aether: Genesis of the Void The Lord of the Rings Biomes O'Plenty Chocolate Quest (Better Dungeons) TF2 Teleport Mod (A reasonable way to cut traveling time without cheating) Building, decoration, and aesthetics mods: Carpenter's Blocks BiblioCraft - Bibliowoods: Biomes O'Plenty Mr. Crayfish furniture DecoCraft Underground Biomes Hats mod Back Tools Utility mods: Not Enough Items Inventory Tweaks Damage Indicators VoxelMap Check out the Technic Pack post and enter the World of Ultima today.
  2. Is there a problem with the forums? I'm not able to view any of the pages.


  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to modify the version.json of my modpack, but everytime I launch the modpack, it is overwritten from the cloud. Is there any way I can keep Technic from overwritting this? In my case, I have limited internet, so I would like to test the changes instead of uploading to the cloud, and then downloading again. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with the v3 Technic Launcher. It starts updating, and it freezes at the words "Downloading Launcher Asset". It's still trying to upload. It's connected to the internet. I've restarted the computer. This is the first time this has happened. Has this ever happened to any of you guys? Thanks for helping!
  5. That's the kind of answer I was looking for, Thanks Neowulf! Guess I still have a lot to learn about Java and using it for mods, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I think that the new avenue of progress for minecraft modpacks is in shaping the different mods so that they work together in harmony. I recognize that there is the issue of mod-maker's IP, but it seems like a small enough problem to fix. If they give their consent, it will bring so much more life to modpacks!
  6. I take it there are several different view-points on this. Vlandox, is it very difficult to modify pre-existing mods to work together with each other in a more logical way? (Simple fixes here)
  7. Well, I figured this would be the logical place, since this is where people make mods for technic packs. Wouldn't it make sense to add content to modpacks to make the mods work together better?
  8. Wow, that looks cool! Now lets say I had Balkon's weapons mod, and I wanted to make daggars/boomarangs/etc. with other metals from other mods. Would that be possible?
  9. Hey guys! I am not a modder, although I have some experience with java. I am looking to add more functionality to modpacks by making the mods in them work together. For example, I have Thaumcraft 3 and a whole score of other mods. As some of you might know, the mod adds different magical aspects to vanilla minecraft items/blocks, and to some of the items/blocks from other mods (probably having to do with crafting ingredients). First of all, is there a way to edit the Thaumcraft 3 mod to have aspects for items/blocks from other mods? If so, do I need a full knowledge of coding, or is it just some simple reading between the lines? Also, what kind of tools would I need? Thanks
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