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  1. Dude, may you please fix your server? it crashed and it needs to be set basck up (I suggest an automatic reset pluggin, it reduces lag AND helps with these issues)

  2. Welcome to Dark Omega hexxit we are a small hexxit community that strives to make your hexxit experience AWESOME we are very mature and dedicated with years of experience on server running. We accept any players whatsoever you can speak ANY language you wish as we think its unfair to stop you speaking with players just because you don't speak english.... We have Factions Essentials Ranks and many more plugins that may prove useful for your hexxit needs. If you encounter any issues whatsoever whilst playing feel free to contact any admins or Owner(s) NO BANNED ITEMS YET
  3. Some hosts do not allow you to change the jar and only let you stick with minecraft. If this is the case it sucks to be you :D
  4. i could really do with a dedicated developer for my server who can sort out issues and basically be my right hand ma/girl on anything that goes wrong with the server. You will be rewarded in some way for the help you provide. You need to have experience with : GroupManager Essentials kits Factions autorank and the minimum Thanks ! add me on skype if you are interested Skype:israphel_daniels
  5. Hello i have recently bought a server and im having trouble with the group manager ranks i know most will say it is really easy and to watch some youtube vids (Done that) and i still cant get the hang of it. so my proposition is if someone is willing to make the ranks for me with it then can they please add me on skype and we will talk about it. i will offer a special rank on my server for anyone who is willing to help. Thankyou Ben( Krypt)
  6. - Ign name:KryptonicEdge - How old are you:15 - What is your gender:Male - Where do you live:Uk - How long will you be online for:about 8 hours each day - Will you be able to Donate to improve the server:Sure if the servers in need of it - Do you have skype? (Please write down your skype name.) You have it (Israphel_daniels) - Will you be dedicated to the server: Ill try to stay on as often as possible and help out - Will you get users on to the server: deffinetly me and some freinds hae been looking for a good one for a while - How would you use ban command in a situation: If someone was down right out of order,Breaking the rules Acting like a twat etc (tempban) - How would you use mute command in a situation: Spammers and winers - How would you use kick command in a situation: If someone spams i would first kick then mute, Being rude to staff and players - Can you come on at weekends: sure why not - Would you be able to advertise the server to get more users online: I can make the server a proffesional banner with photoshop to attract more players, i can vote for the server if thats needed - What is your maturity level out of 10: quite honestly i like to have a joke with people but when it gets down to it i dont take people being assholes to lightly so i would say 8 - What is your building level out of 10: oh god now lol my building depends on if im int he mood to comit to a build most often if i am i can do pretty good builds so i would say 7 - Anything I should know about: Not really, i really dont mind if im not picked im happy enough just playing. Thanks for reading . Kryptonic
  7. IGN: KryptonicEdge Reason for wanting to join: I wish to conquer all with ye buttpirate's salty magical ways Experience: 3 years. Magic or Science: MAGIC BUTTPIRATES TO THE END
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