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  1. odd, it says that the chest itself is disabled by default... I'll have to investigate that on an actual server, cause it does seem pretty useful.
  2. Thats why anarchy servers aren't true anarchy. you cant have areas like that, unless its a controlled zone. You'd never get anyone new in your server for more then about a day, since as soon as they jump in, they get gang raped by people who're just better equipped. hell, if its a true anarchy server, then i can set up a 1-2 second timer with a massive egg farm and what not, and just force feed the server endless chickens. enough chickens to crash it. And not a damn person would be able to stop me from breaking the server.
  3. Looking through Nei, i noticed this chest. Its rather odd, It just seems to be a huge chest, Looks neat as well, however looking around on google and the minecraft forums, as well as here, yielded no results with actually finding the recipe, nor the mod that this chest belongs to, so i'm wondering if anyone here knows of it? By the way; I have attempted to look at the recipe book in game. Not that stupid...
  4. Then sadly, we'll have to go with the 1.2.3 download from Colmansystems.co.uk, which i'm not a fan of personally...If only Mojang kept the server files from previous versions..
  5. Heh...Yeah. It makes Minecraft into a sort of Diablo styled game, randomly generated magic items and all. 'Sweaty Iron Axe of Lube' has easily got to be one of my favorite names for an item.
  6. Nah, the hack and slash mod requires the Standard 1.2.3 Minecraft_server.jar file, thats then renamed to .Zip. still not sure if this is at all breaching the terms of the minecraft TOS, but... Minecraft Version Changer; Personally i didnt try this. Dont know if it works or not. http://download.cnet.com/Minecraft-Version-Changer/3000-2242_4-75628770.html Minecraft 1.2.3; This is what i'm not sure if breaching the TOS or not... http://colemansystems.co.uk/downloads/minecraft_server.jar I got those from another forum, confirmed it for the 1.2.3 server. Now i'm gonna try to get in touch with the dude who made this, to see if he wants to implement it with better dungeons, and Battle Tower, because both those mods with this on MP would be pretty boss.
  7. This is a pain, me and my friend were gonna try it out, however its a 1.2.3 minecraft, the server files can be found here; https://yogscast.com/showthread.php?46534-MOD-Hack-Slash-Mine!-%28Magical-Loot-System-Randomized-Dungeons-and-More!!!%29 however you need to obtain a 1.2.3 server file inorder to play it. I only recently found one and i dont know if the servers clean and will work. I'll get back to you on that. A lot of people think its a Breach of TOS, for minecraft, since its an outdated server file...kind of disturbing..Why cant server files be like the client.
  8. Yo. Came across the Smart Movement mod for 1.1, and was wondering if it could be implemented as it has a bukkit plugin already; albeit a little silly looking, as seen on Yogscast mod spotlight. Of course this is when Tekkit SMP hits 1.1, which might not be for a while, but it would still be pretty nice. I can't really speak much about it, as i have no modding capabilities, but i can't necessarily think of any immediate conflicts with any of the current Tekkit mods. If it's already planned, than that's cool. Another question though; What new mods are planned to be implemented in the future, if any? Of course noting Computercraft, as another thread spoke of it, and that's where i got the idea for this one.
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